LALALALI is a luxury label based in Amsterdam and New York, founded by artist and fashion designer Mandali Mendrilla (1).

The first LALALALI capsule collection, Radha Pada, consists of luxurious, organic yoga clothing inspired by haute couture and sacred geometry.

Inspired by her practice of Arcana-Yoga comprised of meditations, mudras and mantra chanting, Mandali discovered the beauty of symbols found at the soles of the feet of the deity of Sri Radha. Thus, she conceptualized a ready to wear capsule collection that would express the meditative mood of her daily practice, her designing background, as well as the influences of her life in world fashion capitals like Milan, New York, London, Amsterdam and Mumbai.

Every piece in the LALALALI Radha Pada collection is carefully designed, made of finest quality organic cotton jersey and produced with utmost care and attention to detail.

Being a yoga practitioner for 18 years and a couture designer, Mandali has placed both her expertise and her devotional inspiration in designing this collection.

Mandali Mendrilla teamed up with Drdha Vrata Gorrick (2), an American artist, expert in sacred geometry drawings as learned in the Mahabalipuram School of Arts in South India, who drew the designs of the symbols embroidered on the shirts based on Mandali’s sketches.

Although South Indian art is usually executed in a very venerable style, Drdha Vrata Gorrick brings out its sweetness as well. His art is a perfect blend of sweetness and symmetry.

The LALALALI approach embodies the timeless wisdom of Yoga practice and philosophy, preserves the planet by clean, sustainable, high quality production and giving back to communities.

The high fashion design inspired by luxury, ecology and holistic well-being, beautifies body, soul and earth.

LALALALI places great emphasis on nurturing relationships based on the spirit of service within the company and in the world both with humans and animals alike because LALALALI works on the premise that all life is sacred.

As humans are becoming more and more sensitive to the vibration of the objects they interact with, the future of fashion is in being most attentive, conscious and compassionate in each and every segment of bringing a garment to life. It is Mandali Mendrilla’s hope and commitment that she and her team can maintain that compassionate mood throughout the life of the LALALALI label.


The LALALALI team wishes to thank the Mumbai based Kirpalani family for precious advice, tutoring and hospitality offered to Mandali in producing the samples of the Radha Pada collection.


(1) Meet Mandali Mendrilla:

(2) Drdha Vrata Gorrick is an American artist trained in the traditional arts in South India, at the Mahabalipuram School of arts, as well as under tutelage of Mr. G. Thirugnanam, a retired lecturer at the College of Sculpture and Architecture, who trained Drdha in in the principles of traditional iconography, iconometry and painting according to Shilpa Shastras (ancient canons on arts and architecture) and Mr. K.Rajendran, who taught him the techniques of sculpting deities as per the lost wax casting process.

Drdha brings the best of both worlds to his creative practice. His work infuses new life into devotional art by combining styles from different parts of India and the world while staying within the Vedic tradition.

Meet Drdha Vrata Gorrick: